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A Great Morning at Chapel Road School in Attleborough


The Children from Chapel Road School in Attleborough and Lord Russell Baker of Little Moulton.-1 (2)

Yesterday’s morning assembly at Chapel Road School for Severely Disabled Children in Attleborough was an amazing experience, and a pleasure to meet some very special children.

Presenting the achievement certificate to one very talented young man for swimming 800 meters was a real pleasure, and to do so with Mr Cool the puppet was a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

It was also a very proud moment to stand and give a brief introduction to the Norwich Charity Darts Masters event and introduce the children, teachers and school helpers to the Norwich Charity Darts Masters Trophy which will be played for on Saturday 27th June at Norwich City Football Club by Eric Bristow, John Lowe, Keith Deller and Peter Manley.

Tickets are still available but with over 380 people already attending tickets are now in limited supply.

For more information and tickets go to my web site

Visit Chapel Road School web site

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